Our services are as diverse as our clients, who range from startups and SMEs to large corporates looking for a fresh approach.


!X tailors a unique mix of media to clearly communicate their stories and ambitions in the most effective way possible.




In an age of information-overload, film still has the ability to capture attention, cutting through the noise. The immediacy of film means that 4 times as many people prefer to watch a film about a product or service than read about it. The emotive quality of a brand is best shared with an audience through film, and at X! we know how to move people in this new media climate. Within just a few minutes we have the ability tell captivating stories that form connections to your company from both a consumer, and human perspective.


Teaser Movie

Company movie

Product movie

Testimonial videos


Coverage of events and after movie

Crowdfunding campaign



Design has the challenge of visually interpreting the values, mission and audience of a company. We embrace this challenge by creating brands, promotional material and websites that clearly communicate your message—but more importantly—what you stand for. Because brands are business assets, we design them as tools that enhance your visibility across all applications, online and offline, solidifying your presence now and into the future.


Presentation Design

Corporate identity

Promotional material

Website design and development

Event visuals

Environmental graphics



Great photography sets the armatures and professionals apart. We are exposed to so much imagery on a daily basis that we are now trained to recognise professional photography. A X! we combine a professional approach with the ability to infuse photography with the values of your brand, creating unique experiences for each customer. Our photographers, techniques, and equipment allow us to present your story, services, and products in the best light possible.


Product Photos

Portrait/Team photos

Event photography